Program Introduction


Wright Learning Center’s middle level program is designed to meet the unique needs of the middle level learner. This program offers required and elective classes developed in coordination with staff licensed in each core area. Emphasizing thinking skills, positive life coping skills, and strong study skills, this program is designed to help you transition back to your traditional school setting.

To earn credit, you must complete all required work at a satisfactory level and demonstrate appropriate learning behavior. Progress is based upon the number of hours or units satisfactorily completed and is evaluated on a monthly basis.

To enroll in this program students must be referred by their resident school district and meet state guidelines. Please contact Jean Pederson at 763-684-2218 for additional enrollment information.

Learning Center Student Handbook

Program Objectives

  • Unique setting
  • Caring environment
  • Hands-On learning
  • Small class size
  • One on One learning
  • Education to fit the students’ ability

Instructor Contact Information

Information Telephone Email
Jean Pederson 763-684-2218