The Health Science program is an excellent foundation for all students interested in entering the medical profession. Explore a wide variety of medical careers and take an interest inventory to match your interests with a medical career. Easily learn 350 medical terms which enables you to understand more than eleven thousand medical words. We will be following the MN Department of Health Nursing Assistant Curriculum which will prepare you for a variety of medical careers and for the state nursing assistant test which is required for most nursing programs. You will be studying the fascinating human body through dissections. Many activities will focus on developing and learning the importance of working together, thus promoting teamwork in the healthcare workforce.  The class is one year in length or depending on which block you attend, approximately 250 to 320 hours.

Program Goals
This program will enable a student to:

  • Identify and investigate various medical/health careers.
  • Identify trends and systems related to the health field.
  • Demonstrate leadership and teamwork skills.
  • Define, spell and pronounce medical terms and abbreviations.
  • Learn strategies for combining medical suffixes, prefixes and root words.
  • Describe anatomy and physiology of each system in the human body.
  • Option to demonstrate health care provider CPR & First Aid.
  • Demonstrate all skills necessary for patient care in the Nursing Assistant state curriculum.
  • Identify normal aging process.

Skills Needed

To be successful in this program, you should have the following skills:

  • Strong math and reading skills (absolute minimum 6thgrade level)
  • People orientation to work with a variety of medical professionals and clients
  • Organizational skills to manage multiple projects and scheduled appointments
  • Detail orientation to notice small changes in patients’ symptoms or data records
  • Problem-solving skills to analyze situations or data and produce appropriate solutions
  • Speaking and listening skills to make sure patients understand treatments and medical concepts
  • Physical stamina to stand for long periods of time and lift equipment and/or patients
  • Computer and technical skills to use charting, office, lab and medical equipment

Health Science Syllabus

Instructor Contact Information

Cheryl Morrissette 763-684-2244